08:00-10:00, Friday, March 1, 2019

  • IR Management of Osteoporotic Fractures: Technique and Outcomes
  • Local Bone Tumor Control: Recent Advances
  • Percutaneous Cement Injection and Fixation for Treatment of Osseous Metastases
  • Embolization of Chronic Joint Pain: How to Avoid Complications
  • Musculoskeletal Pain Management
  • Pushing the Boundaries for Palliative Ablation
  • Palliative IR Management of Intractable Pain in the Abdomen
  • Avoiding Complications in Gastrostomy and Jejunostomy Tubes
  • Tunneled Drainage Catheters for Intractale Ascites and Pleural Effusions


  • Understand the indications of MSK interventions.
  • Be familiar with percutaneous techniques and how to avoid complications


M. Hamed (Egypt)
M. Al Shaalan (KSA)
T. De Baere (France)
Y. Okuno (Japan)
M. Hamed (Egypt)
A. Thabet (USA)
M. Sowaileh (Bahrain)
R. Salman (KSA)

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