10:30-12:00, Wednesday, February 27, 2019

  • Renal Ablation for RCC: Technical Considerations
  • CC Ablation Outcomes: Hot or Cold
  • Ablation of Metastatic Liver Disease
  • Expanding the Scope of Ablation in HCC
  • Lung Ablation: Developing a Pratice and Optimzinig Outcomes
  • IRE for Pancreatic CA
  • Thyroid Ablation: Techniques and Outcomes

08:00-10:00 on Thursday, February 28, 2019

  • Contemporary Treatment for Colorecal CA Mets to Liver
  • Colorectal CA: The Current Role of Radioembolization
  • DEBIRI for Colorectal CA: Techniques and Outcomes
  • Locoregional Treatment Options for Neuroendocrine Mets to Liver
  • What IRs Need to Know about Immunotherapy
  • Surgical Resection for Primary and Metastatic Liver Disease. The Importance of Future Liver Remnant
  • Portal Vein Embolization Prior to Surgical Resection
  • Lobar Radioembolization for Hypertrophy and Radiation Segmentectomy. Techniques and Rational

14:00-15:40 on Thursday, February 28, 2019

  • Early and Very Early HCC: What to Offer?
  • Conventional TACE Remains the Gold Standard
  • DEB TACE: Techniques and Bead Size
  • RFA and MWA in HCC: Results
  • Combined Approach for HCC (TACE and Ablation)
  • Downstaging HCC
  • Value of CBCT and Fusion Software in Liver Embolization
  • Radioembolization for HCC: From Early Stage to Vascular Invasion
  • Radial Approach for TACE and Radioembolization


  • Understand the indications and treatment options of loco regional therapies.
  • Be familiar with all percutaneous ablative techniques


K. Hong (USA)
T. De Baere (France)
M. Sobhi (Egypt)
O. Hetta (Egypt)
W. Tantawy (Egypt)
W. Darwish (Egypt)
S. Spiezia (Italy)
H. Abada (UAE)
Y. Arai (Japan)
A. K. Abdel Aal (USA)
M. Sobhi (Egypt)
A. K. Abdel Aal (USA)

A. Justaniah (KSA)
H. Kobeiter (France)
R. Salem (USA)
M. El Gharib (Egypt)
H. Elghazaly (Egypt)
R. Salem (USA)
J. Bell (UK)
T. De Baere (France)
S. Alsukhun (Jordan)
M. Fathy (Egypt)
A. Chamsuddin (Lebanon)
R. Salem (USA)

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Chemoembolization & Radioembolization Hands on
O. Hetta (Egypt) & A. Khankan (KSA)
Feb. 28 at 11:30-13:00 in WS Room 1

Breast Intervention: From Biopsy to Treatment
O. Hetta (Egypt) & A. Khankan (KSA)
Feb. 27 at 14:30-16:00 in WS Room 1

Ablation Techniques Hands-on
O. Hetta (Egypt) & A. Khankan (KSA)
Mar. 1 at 14:00-15:30 in WS Room 1